By Laws

The name of this organization shall be Wake Forest Homeschoolers (WFHS).

1.  WFHS is an inclusive, secular homeschool support group whose primary purpose is to provide our children with enrichment and social opportunities with other homeschoolers.
2.  The secondary purpose of WFHS is to share ideas about homeschooling and to act as a source of support for homeschooling parents.

ARTICLE III. Membership

  1.  Membership Criteria
    1.Members must be homeschooling or actively considering homeschooling one or more children.
    2.Members must fulfill the membership duties and expectations as described in the Bylaws.
  2. Rights and Privileges of Membership
    1.Members have the right to attend WFHS organized activities that are open tomembers only.
    2.Members shall have use of the official WFHS websites, including the calendar of events, email, and discussion forum.
    3.Members have the right to participate in the governance of WFHS as described in these Bylaws.
    4.Each member family shall have one vote in WFHS affairs put before them, including elections.
    5.Members have the right to propose agenda items to the President for all meetings.
  3. Duties and Expectations of Membership: Each member is expected to fulfill certain specific responsibilities as listed in the current Membership Agreement.
  4. Email will be the primary communication medium to and between members; therefore any written notices required by these Bylaws or WFHS will be by email.
  5. Revocation or Denial of Membership
    1.The Board may, by a two-thirds consent vote, revoke the membership of any member not meeting the duties and expectations of membership.
    2.The Board may, by a two-thirds consent vote, deny or revoke membership to any applicant or member on the basis of what it deems to be reasonable health or safety considerations.

ARTICLE IV. Membership Meetings
1. An annual Membership Meeting shall be held in the spring of each year, at which time members shall elect Directors and conduct any other business to come before them.
2.Membership meetings are open to all members.
3.All matters, including elections, shall be decided by a simple majority vote.

ARTICLE V. Finances
1.The fiscal year of WFHS shall coincide with our membership renewal period, which is September 1 through August 31.
2.Directors shall serve without compensation.
3.All members, including Directors, are eligible for reimbursement of reasonable and actual expenses incurred on behalf of WFHS. Each reimbursement must be approved by a Director, and no Director may approve his or her own reimbursement.

ARTICLE VI. Board of Directors

  1.  Composition of the Board of Directors
    1.WFHS shall be governed by a board of seven (7) directors, four (4) of whom also serve as Principal Officers.
    2.Directors shall be members of WFHS.
    3.To be eligible for President or Treasurer, a person must be a member of WFHS for at least six (6) months. To be eligible for President, a person also must be a current Director on the Board.
    4.Directors are accountable to the members of WFHS.
  2. Board Powers and Duties
    1.The Board shall direct and administer the business and policies of WFHS.
    2.The Board shall work to ensure that WFHS maintains its purposes. The Board shall monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of Board policies to that end through a regular review of programs and services.
    3.The Board shall establish long and short-term goals for WFHS.
  3. Director Powers and Duties
    1.Directors shall regularly attend Board meetings and important related meetings.
    2.Directors shall stay informed about Board matters, prepare well for meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports.
    3.Directors shall be accountable by performing the duties of their respective appointments, including self-evaluation.
    4.When documentation or record keeping is required, Directors shall keep such documents available to the Board for review.
  4. Elections
    1.All Directors, including Principal Officers, shall be elected annually by the membership.
    2.Elections will be held at the annual Membership Meeting each Spring.
    3.Directors may run for re-election.
    4.Not fewer than twenty-one (21) days prior to the annual Membership Meeting, the Secretary will send an email announcement to all members, opening nominations for all positions. The Secretary may also announce nomination  openings via other electronic means. Nominations shall be accepted by the Secretary only via email. Nominations close seven (7) days before the annual Membership Meeting and are announced to members by the Secretary as soon as  practical thereafter.
    5.Any positions with more than one nominee shall be voted on by the general membership in the form of a private ballot. In the case of a tie vote, a re-vote will happen immediately and winners will be  determined before the end of the membership meeting.
    6.Unopposed nominees will be assigned automatically to the offices for which  they were nominated.
    7.If there are no nominees for a vacant position, the Board shall fill the position in  one of two ways:
    1.The Board may appoint a Director from among the general membership.
    2.An existing Director may be appointed to the position. Directors so appointed may hold more than one office, until the Board  appoints a  Director from among the general membership, as in (i) above.
    8.In the event of a mid-term vacancy on the Board of Directors, the Board shall  appoint a successor at its next Board meeting, to serve the remainder of the term. Directors so appointed may hold more than one office. Appointments shall be announced to the membership via email.
  5. Board Meetings
    1.Meetings of the Board shall be held regularly and are open to all members, except that the Board may go into Executive Session when, in the opinion of the Board, it is necessary to protect a member’s privacy.
    2.The President or any two (2) or more Directors may request a Board meeting.  Such meeting, once called, may be scheduled by any Director, who shall give the other Directors and Members appropriate advance notice of the meeting.
    3.The President shall call for agenda items and develop an agenda.
    4.The President shall determine the order of business at meetings, which shall include reading of previous meeting minutes, Treasurer’s report, committee reports, unfinished business, new business, issues requested by the Board of Directors and/or members, and adjournment.
  6. Voting
    1.Each Director shall have one vote.
    2.A simple majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum and a simple majority of the quorum in all meetings shall decide all actions except those listed in (c), (d), and (e) of this section.
    3.The following matters shall require a two-thirds consent of the Board of Directors: amendment of the Articles of Incorporation, amendment of the Bylaws, amendment of the Membership Agreement, and removal of a member for cause.
    4.Dissolution of the Wake Forest Homeschoolers shall require unanimous consent by the Board.
    5.The removal of a Director for cause shall require full consensus of the remaining Board of Directors.

    ARTICLE VII. Principal Officers
    1.The President shall chair all meetings of the Board or Membership and have general supervision of group affairs.
    2.The President shall lead the Board’s ongoing self-evaluation of performance of its duties to WFHS, including the ongoing self-evaluation of individual Directors’ performance of duties.
    3.Should the Board agree to hold WFHS Co-op, the President shall be responsible for the Co-op, either by acting as Co-op Coordinator or by appointing and overseeing a committee responsible for organizing Co-op.
    4.The President shall have any additional powers and duties, as decided by the Board.
    2.Vice President
    1.The Vice President shall execute the duties of the President in the event the President is unable to perform said duties.
    2.The Vice President shall be the second signer on bank accounts and shall act as the backup Treasurer in the event the Treasurer is unable to perform said duties.
    3.The Vice President shall execute the duties of the other Directors, or shall make arrangements for those duties to be performed, in the event that the other Directors are unable to perform said duties.
    4.The Vice President shall have any additional powers and duties, as decided by the Board.
    1.The Secretary shall record and document minutes at Board and Membership meetings.
    2.The Secretary shall maintain a complete record of any documentation pertaining to WFHS, to be shared with the Board at all times.
    3.The Secretary shall compile nominations, prepare the ballots, and conduct the elections of Directors.
    4.The Secretary shall file any certificate required by any statute, federal, state, or local.
    1.The Treasurer shall have the care and the custody of all monies belonging to WFHS and shall be solely responsible for such monies or securities of the organization.
    2.The Treasurer shall prepare financial and tax statements and submissions as required by law and WFHS policies.
    3.The Treasurer shall manage all financial accounts associated with WFHS.
    4.The Treasurer shall provide a financial report of WFHS to the Board of Directors at regularly scheduled meetings. Such reports shall be attached to the meeting minutes.
    5.The Treasurer shall keep track of member payments and report any unpaid membership dues to the Membership Coordinator.
    6.The Treasurer shall exercise all duties incident to the office of the treasurer.

    ARTICLE VIII. Committees
    1.The Board of Directors may establish one or more committees to help meet the needs of WFHS.
    2.The appointments of all committees and their chairpersons shall be made by the majority consent of the Board, which may re-define their duties from time to time.
    3.Committee Chairs shall be members of the Board of Directors.
    4.Committee members shall be members of WFHS and may or may not be Board Directors.
    5.Committees are accountable to the Board of Directors and shall report to the Board at each board meeting.
    6.All committees, with the guidance of the majority of the Board, shall set and monitor long and short-term goals.
    2.Committee Roles
    1.Membership Coordinator/Committee
    1.The Membership Coordinator/Committee shall work to maintain and increase the membership of WFHS.
    2.The Membership Coordinator/Committee shall report membership information to the Board of Directors at regularly scheduled meetings, including informing the Board of any member’s noncompliance to WFHS policies.
    3.The Membership Coordinator/Committee shall work along with the Activities Coordinator/Committee to assess the needs and interests of the membership and make recommendations to the Board for improvement of member services.
    2.Activities Coordinator/Committee
    1.The Activities Coordinator/Committee shall work to maintain and increase the number of activities available for the membership, including helping and encouraging members to host activities.
    2.The Activities Coordinator/Committee shall inform the Board of any member’s noncompliance to WFHS policies, including the activities portion of the Membership Agreement.
    3.The Activities Coordinator/Committee shall work along with the  Membership Coordinator/Committee to assess the needs and interests of the membership and make recommendations to the Board for improvement of member services.
    3.Other Committees may be established when deemed advisable by the Board.

    ARTICLE IX. Amendments
    1.The Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Membership Agreement may be amended only during a Board of Directors Meeting.
    2.Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Membership Agreement require a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors. A written proxy may be given in lieu of an absence.

    ARTICLE X. Dissolution
    1.Upon dissolution of WFHS, the Directors shall, after making provision for the payment of all liabilities of WFHS, dispose of all the assets in such a manner as to benefit a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
    2.The recipient organization is stated in the Articles of Incorporation.  These bylaws were adopted by the Board of Directors in its Organizing Meeting on February 1, 2012. Amended on January 23, 2014. Amended on March 30, 2015. Amended on May 4, 2016.

You can download a copy of these ByLaws by clicking here.  We encourage you to keep a copy for your records.

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