Q: What is a homeschool co-op?

A: Co-op is a cooperative effort between homeschooling parents to provide classes and opportunities for their children that might be otherwise difficult or too costly to provide at the family level.  Most classes are taught by parents.  Some are taught by outside instructors.  We offer a variety of class choices for preschool, elementary, middle and high school students each hour.  A play room is also available for younger siblings.

Q: How much does co-op cost?

A: There are two kinds of costs associated with WFHS Co-op: co-op fees and materials fees.

Co-op fees are used toward the group’s costs associated with renting the co-op location. WFHS members in good standing do not have to pay the co-op fee. For non-members, co-op fees are $15 per child, up to $30 per family.

Materials fees are for supplies that teachers must purchase for the classes (paper, art supplies, etc.). Materials fees apply to individual classes and all students who take a class must pay that materials fee for that class. These range from no fee for some classes, $2-$3 for others, up to $25 or $50 for cooking classes.

All fees are nonrefundable.

Q: When are fees due?

A: Fee payment is part of the registration process. Class registration is not considered complete until WFHS has received all applicable fees.

Q: Can I sign up for classes after registration is already closed?

A: If space allows, late registration will be made available for a $10 late fee, in addition to applicable co-op and materials fees. All fees are non-refundable.

Q: When and where are co-op classes held?

A: Co-op is held in the spring and the fall, for five weeks each, on Friday afternoons at a church in Wake Forest, NC.

Q: What age groups does co-op cover?

A: We offer classes for preschool, elementary, and middle/high school ages. If there are enough class offerings, we may split some classes into lower elementary and higher elementary or middle school and high school. We also have a playroom for siblings ages five and under.

Q: How rigid are the age groups? Can my advanced 6-year-old go into a middle school class?

A: Age ranges for the classes are in many cases an approximation. If there is a class your child is interested in but doesn’t meet the age range, please contact the teacher or the co-op coordinator.

Note that older or younger kids are welcome in most classes (as appropriate), however preference will be given to kids who fit the age criteria. If for example a class has small size limits and is intended for teens, preference will be given to teens wishing to join the class and if it does not fill, younger kids will be allowed to register. The opposite is true for younger kids; kids of lower elementary age will be given preference to a lower elementary class, etc.

Q: Will there be more than one choice of classes each hour?

A: Ideally, we try to offer a choice of at least two classes each class hour for each age group ages 6 and up. Of course, in order to offer that many class choices, we will need enough teaching parents and assistants. That is why this remains the “ideal” as opposed to the “for sure.”

Q: What about preschool?

A: We usually offer one or two preschool classes within the three hours of co-op, with preschool-aged children spending free time in the playroom or on the playground when not in a class. All children five and under are welcome in the playroom during co-op with parental supervision or while their parent is teaching/assisting in a class.

Q: When and how can I register?

A: Registration opens about one month before co-op starts for WFHS members only. Registration opens to the general public one week later and closes two weeks before co-op starts. A link for registration will be on the WFHS website.

Q: Can my child register for just one class?

A: Your child may register for one, two, or all three class hours. However all children at co-op but not registered in a class must be directly supervised by their parent or approved adult.

Note also that no matter how many classes your children are registered for, parents will be required to fulfill the requirements of teaching and/or assisting as well as be assigned a week of clean-up. In other words, if you sign your child up for a first hour class and then leave, expect to assist in a class during that hour and expect also that you will be asked to either come back at the end of co-op one week to help clean or get a family to replace you for clean-up duty.

Q: Is there a waiting list for full classes?

A: We cannot guarantee you will get the class(es) you request. When you register, you will be given 1st and 2nd choices for each hour. If your child’s 1st class choice is full, he/she will be placed into the 2nd class choice and be waitlisted for the 1st choice.

Q: Can I just show up at the church on the first day of co-op without first registering and paying in advance?

A: This is very stressful and difficult for co-op leadership. It puts us in the position of letting some people break the rules while others follow them. Besides which, classes fill up and if you show up the day co-op starts, there is a very good chance your desired class will be full and even if there is space in the class, the teacher may not have enough materials for a last minute student. However we do understand that sometimes “life happens.” We STRONGLY encourage you to register for classes when registration opens and pay accordingly. If however “life happens” to you and you must try to register the day of co-op, your child will be admitted to his/her desired class(es) under three conditions:
1. There is currently room in the class for your child.
2. You must fill out registration at that point and receive your volunteer assignments.
3. Pay appropriate fees, including the $10 late fee.

Q: Do I have to teach?

A: Leadership is committed to having WFHS Co-op be a “truly cooperative” endeavor. It is therefore expected that there will be parental involvement from each family participating in the co-op. Either by teaching, assisting or helping in some other area. For instance, moms of littles often help out by monitoring the playrooms and watching the children of teachers. There are many ways to help at co-op.

Q: I have more questions. Whom can I contact?

A: Please do not hesitate to contact the co-op coordinator if you have other questions or if you need clarification on any point of this FAQ.

You can download a copy for your reference by clicking here.

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