Joining Wake Forest Homeschoolers

Wake Forest Homeschoolers has a number of events open to non-members that you can attend as often as you like before deciding whether or not this group is for you. These activities occur year round and include:

  • Park Days
  • Teen Game Days
  • Mom’s Night Out Meetings
  • Seasonal Parties

To become a member, you must attend an activity in person. At these “open” activities, a host can give you information about the group and provide you with the information you need to sign up for the group.

To request more information about these activities, to request to join WFHS, or to ask further questions about us, please visit the Contact Us page or email our membership committee at

Once you are a member in good standing, you will have access to the Members-Only portion of the website and you are welcome to attend any event posted there – private or public – and are encouraged to begin posting your own events and to introduce yourself to the other members.

Members are also encouraged to join our Facebook group. Joining the Facebook group is not a requirement, however members not on Facebook miss out greatly in the everyday camaraderie of the group as members converse among themselves.

Membership Commitment

Members of Wake Forest Homeschoolers agree to the following:

pencil orange  To respect other Members’ beliefs, schooling choices, opinions, culture, and lifestyles.

pencil yellow   To fill out and submit the WFHS Registration and Renewal Form once every WFHS calendar year (from September 1 to August 31).

pencil blue  To abide by the Wake Forest Homeschoolers Bylaws and by the NC Homeschool Laws as indicated by NCDNPE.

pencil purple   To pay membership dues of $20 per family per WFHS calendar year. New members joining during the calendar year shall be prorated.


To encourage group commitment and to ensure we have a wide range of available activities, each member is asked to organize activities and add them to our calendar.  Activities can be almost anything that sounds interesting to you. For example: field trips, play dates, holiday gatherings, curriculum discussions for parents, classes/unit studies organized by parents or presented by someone else (such as Parks/Rec classes), host park days, volunteer activities, clubs, trips to plays or musicals, etc.  If you need help with activity ideas or planning, we have people who can help.

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