Wake Forest Homeschoolers (WFHS) is an inclusive, secular homeschool support and activities group whose primary purpose is to provide our children with enrichment and social opportunities with other homeschoolers. We are also here to share ideas about homeschooling and to act as a source of support for homeschooling parents.

From science classes to park dates, from supportive chat among parents to lifelong friendship between kids, Wake Forest Homeschoolers is a thriving, changing, hopeful group where homeschoolers of all kinds can feel safe and learn together.


Wake Forest Homeschoolers began as a handful of homeschooling moms looking to find friends for their kids, to pool their resources for activities, and to grow into a support group that would reach out to homeschooling families in Wake Forest and surrounding areas. Starting in a family’s dining room and incorporating as a nonprofit organization in 2012, today WFHS is over 65 families strong and is growing all the time.


Thank you for your interest in the Wake Forest Homeschoolers Co-op!

WFHS holds two co-ops per year, one in spring and one in fall. Each co-op consists of multiple classes for every age group. Classes are taught by parents, volunteers, and/or outside experts. Each co-op is unique, with a wide variety of academic, extra-curricular, and just-for-fun classes. Our kids look forward to co-op all year long.

Please feel free to look around, click on the various links to learn more about co-op, and if you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us page.

Hope to see you at our next co-op!


Wake Forest Homeschoolers is thrilled to organize several dances per year. Some are for teens only, to allow the older kids an event all their own. Some dances are for all ages. Even the very littlest dancers (and their mommies) are welcome to our all-age dances.

There is no formal dress code at any of our dances, though we often try to come up with a creative theme and decorate accordingly. Attendees should feel free to join us as much or as little as they like in joining in the spirit of the themes!

A hired DJ will be present to play a variety of music. Kids are welcome to give us a list of requested music before the dance and we will present requests to the DJ. No guarantees that the requested music will be played!

Tickets are generally priced at $15 per kid. Ticket sales close at noon the day of the dance and if you have not purchased a ticket before then, you will not be allowed to attend. Tickets are NOT sold at the door. There is no charge for parents/guardians.

Wake Forest Homeschoolers is happy to provide drinks for everyone to enjoy.